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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Do you offer online payment?" 
    - No, we do not offer online payment. However, you can go to our "Connect With Us" tab --> "Payments And Billing" and there you will find a credit card form that you can fill out, fax, email or upload into the form box to the right. We will receive the information and bill your card quarterly for you.

  • "Where do I fill out a cancellation form, complaint, bulk pick up request or report a missed pick up?" 
    - If you go to the "Residential" tab --> "Help" there you can fill out one of these forms.

  • "Why won't my form submit?" 
    - Be sure that you filled out all fields. If the field is red when you click submit, you have not filled out everything. 

  • "Where can I find your holiday's?" 
    - Go to the "Connect With Us" tab --> "Calendar" 

  • "Where do I update my information?"
    - Go to the "Residential" --> "Update Your Info" for residential services. Commercial services; "Business & Commercial" --> "Update Your Info".

  • " What don't you take in the trash?"

​       ​We do not take yard waste (branches, grass, flowers, leaves, bush clippings, dirt, rocks), no building materials (anything ripped out of the house including cabinets, shower, wood, cement, bricks, fencing, drywall), and hazardous materials, propane tanks, or tires. 

  • "What time does my trash need to be out and how long should I keep it out?"

           - Your trash should be placed out by 6 a.m. on your pick up day. Some days we can run as late as 6 p.m. If you find your trash was missed, please report the miss through our "missed pick up" form, leave us a voicemail, or send us an email, and leave your trash out so that we can return. With a missed pick up, we have within 24 hours to return for a miss.

  • "Do you offer bulk pick up?" 

            - We do offer bulk pick up. If you are in a Homeowner's Association (HOA) your rules may differ so please contact your HOA for the process. A bulk pick up is an extra cost, and can be scheduled by sending us an emailed picture of the bulk items, with your address and phone number. Once we get that email we can get dispatch to price the bulk. Then, we take payment for the bulk and schedule for it to be picked up at the curb on one of your pick up days.

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